About Us Big Foot Plumbing

Who We Are

Like most of the wonderful and established plumbing companies in the US, we started small. A cheap van, tools, a plumbing license, experience and a phone. We thought that if we had a set core of values that we lived by, that those values would be appreciated, and we set off to be the best. Through long days, tireless nights, and word of mouth referrals; we began to gain a wonderful customer base that we still work for today. As our demand has grown every year we constantly make improvements in our processes, reinvest our time into product education, continuing education for our employee's and lowering costs for the customer. Couple that with the motivation to be the best in customer satisfaction, and to install all our plumbing with pride and strategic planning... the Mythical Bigfoot has become a reality!

Why Choose Us


Our staff of project engineers, project managers, and foreman are constantly researching the best values available and our buying power from our suppliers allows the customer to get more for their dollar.


We've assembled quite the team of experienced journeyman plumbers to service every customer's unique problem. "Give our customers their options and let them decide the job at hand."

Competitive Pricing

In our experience we have realized a need for a competitively priced plumbing contractor that can foresee problems before they arise, act fast, and most importantly plan ahead to avoid issues in the first place. BigFoot Plumbing is the solution we came up with

Your Plumbing Team

From service to new buildings, we will be there for you. You can be comfortable in your decision to use Bigfoot Plumbing. Washington’s most versatile, and competitively priced plumbing contractor.